2011 a year to remember?

January 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

The festive period has traditionally been one for looking back at the year past and looking forward to the new year with resolutions. This year very clearly the emphasis is on looking forward.

Sitting here on the first day of 2011 it feels like the year a head is full of possibilities and full of dangers. Domestically there are concerns about unemployment and the economy. TheEuro zone too appears ripe for problems.

A Western-centric perception of events has perhaps masked our view of changes happening in the World. 2011 could be the year when the promise of the BRIC countries become undeniable.

For me a prime reason why we start the year looking forward to the next 12 months more than ever is the pace of change is such that technological revolutions than once would have taken place over years now take place within a year. Think of how long CDs took to replace LPs in the 80s or DVDs to replace video tape in the 90s and the point is clear.

By contrast last year saw new tech have an immediate impact as the public proved that they are eager to accept change where change is to their advantage. It is these technological changes that will be the subject of a future blog.


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